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The Memoirist Quarterly Has Arrived!

(Well, it's on its way...)

The Quarterly is something I've been drumming up for longer than a year now and I can't believe it's finally just about coming to fruition. I suppose I have the lack of working full-time right now to thank for that. God knows what I'm going to do when I get back to that now that I have my hands involved in all these various projects! Anyway, what's exciting about The Memoirist Quarterly is it is going to take the very best of memoir and bring it to a slick online magazine format and also a limited print supply! In addition to that, this higher-end version of The Memoirist is off the Medium platform and open to writers we may not otherwise reach. If you've accidentally bumped into this site before I've really launched it, I'm sorry for all the bruises as we've not quite flown off the ground yet...but we will soon! xo - Kristi

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