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The Debut Issue of The Memoirist Quarterly Is Here!


We're thrilled to announce that the debut issue of The Memoirist Quarterly is finally available for purchase!

The issue features a high-quality curation of memoirs, essays, poetry, photography, and artwork. Contributing writers include Bernice P., Terry Barr, KiKi Walter, Dana Bos, Kendra Phillips, Christopher Robin, Sharon A. Johnson, Cindy Heath, Terry O'Halloran, Kasey Sparks, Gentry Bronson, Arpad Nagy, Will Maguire, Nicole M. Wolverton, Sherel Purcell, Kali Fox-Jirgl, Susan L. Lin, Michelle Mangan, Sally Prag, Ann Kathryn Kelly, Alice Eaton, Avi Ben-Zeev, Kristine Laco, and Karen Poppy.

Contributing artists include Christopher Robin, Carlos Garbiras, Jenny Lane, Amuri Morris, Charlie Cole, BJ Noreault, Emily Dooley, and Kasey Sparks.

You can expect payment over the next week or two if you are an artist or writer in this quarter's issue. (Please make sure you've provided your Paypal information to us.)

The submissions window for our next issue will be announced in the coming weeks. Many thanks to all who contributed!

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1 Comment

Michelle March
Michelle March
Aug 16, 2023

How exciting!! Ordered my copy 😁

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